Coats And Jackets

  1. Black Baronetess CoatBlack Baronetess Coat

    Black Baronetess Coat

    62 €
    This super soft coat has lacing in the back to create the perfect fit. Material: 100% polyester The size chart is located at the bottom of the page.
  2. Black Brocade CapeBlack Brocade Cape

    Black Brocade Cape

    104 €
    Walk the streets in vampire style! Long cape made of thick hand made brocade material will make you feel like real queen of darkness ;)
  3. Black Brocade Dieselpunk JacketBlack Brocade Dieselpunk Jacket

    Black Brocade Dieselpunk Jacket

    83 €

    Black Brocade Dieselpunk Jacket is not your typical jacket - you can change the way it looks! It features high collar you can put up and zip till the end or put down. You can also make it longer with a little tailcoat or turn into a short jacket, also with a zip!

    Fabric: no stretch

    Material: 100% cotton

    Scroll down for size chart.

  4. Black Brocade EGA CoatBlack Brocade EGA Coat

    Black Brocade EGA Coat

    Běžná cena: 79 €

    Special Price 63 €

    Long sleeved overcoat in black brocade material, fastened with three buttons up front, adjustable corset lacing at the back.
  5. Black Brocade Evil Queen Jacket

    Black Brocade Evil Queen Jacket

    68 €
    A beautiful thick black brocade material jacket made for all evil and vampire queens out there. The pattern is woven in two layers. The collar is sturdy and stands up on its own.
  6. Black Brocade Female Admiral CoatBlack Brocade Female Admiral Coat

    Black Brocade Female Admiral Coat

    Běžná cena: 128 €

    Special Price 115 €

    Dark, yet elegant black brocade coat featuring big cuffs with silver buttons.
  7. Black Brocade Female Pirate JacketBlack Brocade Female Pirate Jacket

    Black Brocade Female Pirate Jacket

    98 €
    Black Brocade Female Pirate Jacket
  8. Black Brocade HoodBlack Brocade Hood

    Black Brocade Hood

    52 €

    Black Brocade Hood

    This brocade hood with faux fur trim matches perfectly with any of our black brocade coats.

    Fabric: no stretch

    Material: 100% cotton

  9. Black Brocade Hooded CoatBlack Brocade Hooded Coat

    Black Brocade Hooded Coat

    113 €

    Black Brocade Hooded Coat

    This long hooded coat is made of a thick brocade fabric and has a satin lining. It features two front side pockets, flared sleeves, and lacing in the back that can be used to tighten the coat.

    Fabric: no stretch

    Material: 100% cotton

    Dry clean only.

  10. Black Brocade Long Ives CoatBlack Brocade Long Ives Coat

    Black Brocade Long Ives Coat

    120 €
    Something wicked this way comes... Ives coat is perfect for those who knows what lurks in the dark. Full length, thick black brocade material and a dark attitude. Fastened with 6 knots on the front, corset lacing in the back.