1. Black Aristocrat Shirt

    Black Aristocrat Shirt

    Regular Price: £62

    Special Price £48

    This elegant shirt gives off such an air of aristocracy! Be a prince for the evening in this detailed piece, featuring fringed edges and lacing on the sleeves. A row of intricate buttons on the sleeves is covered by lacing, for a beautiful look. Fabric: stretchy
  2. Black Brocade Naval ShirtBlack Brocade Naval Shirt

    Black Brocade Naval Shirt

    A very soft military style shirt with naval details and high collar. Great for cosplay or gothic military inspired outfits
  3. Black Cotton Naval ShirtBlack Cotton Naval Shirt

    Black Cotton Naval Shirt

    A cotton shirt inspired by naval uniforms. Great for cosplay, gothic outfits or steampunk outfits
  4. Black Cotton Ruffle ShirtBlack Cotton Ruffle Shirt

    Black Cotton Ruffle Shirt


    Black Cotton Shirt

    Stretchy and soft shirt with detachable cravat and detailed sleeves. 

  5. Black Japanese ShirtBlack Japanese Shirt

    Black Japanese Shirt

    Black thick cotton shirt inspired by Japanese fashion. The flaps are removable so it can be used as a regular shirt as well. Great for cosplay, elegant gothic aristocrat and gothic clothing.
  6. Black Satin Cravat ShirtBlack Satin Cravat Shirt

    Black Satin Cravat Shirt

    Black satin shirt with removable cravat. Great for vampire clothing or gothic clothing
  7. Black Satin Marquis ShirtBlack Satin Marquis Shirt

    Black Satin Marquis Shirt

    This classic slim fit shirt comes with a removable cravat, for a look that can be dressed up or down. Great for gothic suits or victorian clothing
  8. Black Satin Military ShirtBlack Satin Military Shirt

    Black Satin Military Shirt

    Black Satin Shirt inspired by military outfits. Great for military inspired outfits or cosplay
  9. Black Satin Naval ShirtBlack Satin Naval Shirt

    Black Satin Naval Shirt

    Regular Price: £44

    Special Price £34

    Black satin shirt in a military inspired look. Great as elegant gothic aristocrat clothing or gothic military clothing
  10. Black Satin Ruffle ShirtBlack Satin Ruffle Shirt

    Black Satin Ruffle Shirt

    Black Satin Ruffle Shirt Soft as silk, and with the detachable ruffle you can dress it up from an everyday favourite to a more dramatic gothic look.