Gentlemens Clothing

  1. Asymmetrical vestAsymmetrical vest

    Asymmetrical vest

    Regular Price: $56

    Special Price $50

    A great one shoulder vest made in thick cotton. A unique vest for vampire clothing or gothic clothing
  2. Axinite TailcoatAxinite Tailcoat

    Axinite Tailcoat

    Axinite Tailcoat in a beautiful, brown brocade fabric. Great for elegant steampunk outfits or a unique suit
  3. Beetlejuice Jacket

    Beetlejuice Jacket

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Use this magic spell to become a pirate beetlejuice. The pirate coat has thick velvet lapels, cuffs and collar and a satin lining. Featuring faux pocket details and real inner pockets.
  4. Black And White Long Vest

    Black And White Long Vest

    Black and white striped long vest with lacing in the back. Great for a a steampunk outfit or gothic outfit.
  5. Black Aristocrat Shirt

    Black Aristocrat Shirt

    Regular Price: $92

    Special Price $72

    This elegant shirt gives off such an air of aristocracy! Be a prince for the evening in this detailed piece, featuring fringed edges and lacing on the sleeves. A row of intricate buttons on the sleeves is covered by lacing, for a beautiful look. Fabric: stretchy
  6. Black Brocade Admiral CoatBlack Brocade Admiral Coat

    Black Brocade Admiral Coat

    Regular Price: $165

    Special Price $150

    Length;115/45.5 Chest: S: 98/39, M: 100/39.5, L: 104/41, XL: 108/43, XXL: 112/44, 3XL: 118/47, 4XL: 128/49 Waist: S: 90/35.5, M: 92/36, L: 98/39, XL: 100/39.5, XXL: 106/42, 3XL: 112/44, 4XL: 116/46 Sleeve Length:  S: 62/24.5, M: 62/24.5, L: 64/25.5, XL: 64/25.56, XXL: 66/26, 3XL: 67/26.5, 4XL: 69/27.5 Shoulder Width:  S: 44/17.5, M: 44/17.5, L: 45/17.75, XL: 46/18.25, XXL: 47/18.5, 3XL: 48/19, 4XL: 49/19.5 Measurements are listed in the form of cm/inches
  7. Black Brocade Boots PantsBlack Brocade Boots Pants

    Black Brocade Boots Pants

    These trousers have a classic 5-pocket style, button fly fastening and belt loops. They're made especially to be worn with large boots. Featuring our custom black on black brocade pattern.
  8. Black Brocade Captain CoatBlack Brocade Captain Coat

    Black Brocade Captain Coat

    Regular Price: $181

    Special Price $164

    Medium length black brocade coat inspired by military coats. You can wear it open or close it with silver zip. Great for military outfits, gothic coats or cosplay.
  9. Black Brocade Clasp V-ShaperBlack Brocade Clasp V-Shaper

    Black Brocade Clasp V-Shaper

    Regular Price: $164

    Special Price $120

    This stylish V-Shaper gives your outfit instant Victorian flair and adds an incredible shaping effect at the same time! Looks great worn over a white shirt or with a suit. **This vest has bronze clasps, not silver** Scroll down for information on how to find your size.
  10. Black Brocade KiltBlack Brocade Kilt

    Black Brocade Kilt

    A fashionable favorite since the 16th century. Now up-to-date in black brocade, with a detachable pouch and side buttoning. Classic pleating at the back.